Timing is Everything

Hi. It’s been a busy four months (!!!!) for the Taylor household. Among other things, we’ve been cruising past milestones as we chase our favorite 16 month old around the house, the playground, and just anywhere he can get away from our handholding. It makes taking adorable photos of him a bit more of a challenge.

Running Man

A LOT of my photos look like this – such a happy blur! Timing is everything. Proper timing helps me capture images like this:

Happy Everything


Doesn’t get much better than that. We’re having a blast. And thankfully timing is getting to be a more consistent thing in our lives. Naps, meals, and bedtime are all more predictable. The farther we get into this whole parenting thing – the more I feel like we’re really getting the hang of it. (Life – that was not permission to start lobbing curveballs at us ;)

That’s just how it works though, right? The more you do something, the easier it becomes. The more practiced you are, the more you can know what to expect. A month ago I created a sweets table for a bridal shower, and let’s just say my timing was off. Three days before the event I started preparing, and after all the work I put into those 72 hours, it still wasn’t enough time to get everything perfect. The night/morning before the event I was working until 5:30am. It was definitely a lesson in timing. In the last 30 days I’ve had time to reassess my processes. Luckily, after my 3 days crazy-thon I feel better equipped to successfully address my timing.

Successful planning can lead to things like this:

ALL the Princesses

ALL the princesses!!

Instead of stressing out and staying up all night to fix and adjust cupcakes, candies, and cake pops – I can put these sweet little princesses together and spend time playing with my sweet little princess niece.

Jennarella and Cupcake

Jenna(rella) with her matching Cinderlla cupcake

Better timing most recently allowed me to fully appreciate the cake I made for a 5 year old’s birthday party. It was a lot of work, but I came at it with a plan. I had a timeline and completed each step within a reasonable timeframe. When it was all said and done, I was just so dang proud of how well it turned out and how much better I felt on a decent night’s sleep that I was truly able to appreciate the value of a well organized to do list.

Cake Halves

All that’s left to do now is assemble it :)

Cake Assembled

Seeing the look of satisfaction on the customer’s face when I delivered this made me so elated. All that hard work and planning paid off, and I didn’t feel like a disappointed zombie. So, here’s to timing! (It’s taken me long enough to get my act together ;)

And one more picture of my son, because why not?First Haircut

Time for someone’s first haircut!!

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