365 Days Later

1 to 365Can you believe it?!

Here we are – 365 days later. There are so many things that I’m trying to remember about this year, but it seems like everyday I look into that sweet face and only have time for now. I mean yes, I very vividly remember being in labor for 36 hours, and I remember the first time I held this precious life in my arms, but who really has time to reminisce when your toddler is about to pull all the books off the shelf, or topple that full box of LEGO onto the dog’s back?

But we’re here, 365 days after the 1 that changed our family forever, and I don’t think we could be any happier. I never knew I could love someone so tiny so much.

Tylyn CollageHow did that happen?

1 Cake

One year down!

Don't mind if i do

Don’t mind if I do.

Birthday Beard

Someone loves cake like his mama! Delicious!!

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