New Vocabulary

Having a toddler is fun. There’s just no other way to describe it. Who else thinks you’re the coolest person ever 24/7, and desires your undivided attention for play all day? Who else hugs you on request with more enthusiasm than you’ve thought possible? We’re in that extra fun phase where we’re learning new words. My sweet boy uses a combination of words and signs to get his needs met, and learning new ones is always a fun adventure. This morning after breakfast I opened a bottle of bubbles and without myself saying a word I was treated to a very excited “bubbuhs!!” I didn’t even know he knew that one ;) I love to talk, so I guess I shouldn’t be super surprised that he’s picking up on things so quickly. Whether it’s “milk” at nap time, “wow” at the car show, or “no” at just about any other time of day it’s been fun teaching Tylyn to communicate and interact with his surroundings. But there’s a new word that I’ve got to teach him in the next month…y’all.

Cutest little cowboy

After hours and hours of conversations, and prayer, and contemplation, and swinging back and forth across the whole spectrum of emotions the Taylors are excited to announce that we are headed to Texas! Who saw that one coming? Not us. In a month we’ll be headed to Austin, Texas to follow this amazing path God has been leading us down. Ty will be starting work at an awesome church as their communications director, and I’ll be developing a taste for sweet tea to beat the heat and perfecting a recipe for a Texas sheet cake (just kidding – but who knows ;)

Map of Austin

After a couple of visits we’re sure that Austin is a rad place that we’re really going to enjoy. Great music, great food, great people, and an awesome place for starting something new. Austin itself is seeing quite a boom of new people as the city and surrounding areas themselves are growing and thriving. We hope to do the same when we get there.

A boy in his wagon

We have been so blessed to live in the Chicagoland area for the last two years – having family and friends so close to us geographically as well as close to our hearts has been vital to our survival here. I don’t quite have the words to describe how grateful we are to have our lives so rich and full. We are sad to be leaving, and know that this will always be a home for us, and we’ll visit as often as we can. If God brings us back here again I know we’d be happy to oblige.

We’ve been thankful for all of you who have come alongside us in prayer, and ask that you keep it up – it’s going to be a crazy month. We’re excited to make this transition, but there are a lot of details we’ve got to get through in the next 4 weeks. We could use your support as we pack, schedule this move, make the actual drive, and get acclimated to our new home.

See ya later

On to this next adventure! Thanks y’all!!

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