Tiny Food Tastes Better

I don’t know why.  There is no scientific proof (yet), but tiny food just tastes better.  Pies, dinner, and now burgers. Earlier this month my fabulous sister in law made these mini brioche buns for some crab cake sliders, and I’ve been dying to try them ever since.

As these were baking in my oven I was reminded of my love of bread.  These are tender and soft and super delicious.  Actually – if you haven’t already checked out Melissa’s site, find your way over to WiredAgain for more mouth watering meals & some really cool jewelery. I ended up making burgers instead of crab cake sliders, and these buns really added something excellent to an otherwise everyday meal.

Now, I’m a traditionalist.  Ketchup, mustard, and cheese.  

My husband – one of the strangest combinations I’ve ever heard of.  Peanut butter & cream cheese!?! And it’s not just burgers!  Just about any savory sandwich gets this treatment.  He raved about it when I made those Cowboy Sandwiches. The guys that worked at the sandwich shop he always went to in California knew him as the crazy guy who always got peanut butter and cream cheese on his pastrami, bacon, pepperoncini sandwich.

Alas, that’s a-whole-nother ball of wax. Either way, these buns are super awesomely delicious. For the recipe check out Melissa’s website.  Here’s the link again.

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