Many Manly Tiny Pies

Birthdays are special – and everyone deserves something special on their birthday.  That’s why this text conversation caught me off guard, but didn’t deter me from trying to appease my brother-in-law on his birthday. Knowing he preferred pie to cake I thought it would be a nice gesture to offer an alternative.

Me: Since you’re more of a pie-guy…what kind of pie would you eat if had a choice? Just wondering :)
Travis: I like fruity pies but I dislike peach and apple pies.
Me: Good to know. How do you feel about pumpkin pies?
Travis: I like pumpkin, lemon meringue, key lime, banana creme.
Me: Also good to know.
Travis: In one bite.
Me: Awesome. Dually noted.
Travis: Consider yourself challenged.

So here’s what happened – normal sized muffin pans + four different kinds of pie/fillings = greatness.

We start with pumpkin topped with some freshly whipped cream,

Find yourself a sweet little lemon meringue,

Next grab a key lime pie with a mountainous pile of stiffened whipped cream,

Don’t forget the banana creme,

Quarter your pies (and forgive the blurry photo),And last but not least, put those all together to complete your challenge!

There you have it – many manly tiny pies – all in one delicious bite – or so I was told.  It was a great, albeit silly way to celebrate someone I love.  And making someone feeling special is always great.

So go – make something delicious!

3 thoughts on “Many Manly Tiny Pies

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    A new blog that I know will have you drooling! I’ve had the pleasure of tasting some of her goodies, and always being inspired by them! This entry is a creative take on how to give a guy, who wants a little of everything, his cake and let him eat it too! … err, “pie” I mean, let him have his pie…

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