Woot! Spring is here, and now seems like a good time for a few updates.

Firstly – interested in getting to know me a teensy bit more? Check out the Meet ‘n’ Greet page! Admittedly, if you already know me this is old hat, but thanks for checking it out and supporting me anyway :)

Secondly – I started thinking about the way I name my posts. No, I probably won’t be changing my ways, but I can see how it might be obnoxious if you’re trying to look for a recipe for chili, but there’s not a post called chili. If you could see inside my head you would know that I filed chili away under one pot of fantasticness because I always make it in one fantastically red-orange pot. However, there is no magic door into my psyche so for your convenience I made you a Recipe Library. Yep – everything is properly named and even categorized!

Thirdly – okay, there is no third thing. Three things would just feel more whole – like a trinity, or triforce if you will. So I’ll make something up… Thirdly – I…um…this isn’t going to work. Your third update is that there is no third update. Which is a confusing statement if you really think about it.

Righto. Updated. Boom.

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