There are a lot of things I could say about being pregnant, and I really try to keep all of them positive. I want to be able to look back at the last months of my life and smile – not cringe. I will admit that being 8 months pregnant has definitely slowed me down, and that’s the reasonable excuse I’ve been giving myself for not posting as frequently as I’d like. Otherwise I have been blessed with zero physical morning sickness (read no vomiting), I can get through at entire day without having to remove my wedding ring (read almost no swelling), my back pain has actually at times been better than before I was pregnant, and I’ve had no bizarre, gross-you-out cravings (read thankful husband :)

That last one is kind of a double edged sword for me. While I appreciate being able to eat most of what I would normally eat (sorry cheese, we’ll just have to hang out later), I kind of though cravings were sort of a rite of passage. I know it’s totally normal to not experience them, but I guess I just spent the first two trimesters hoping they would eventually kick in so I could have a crazy story about that time I couldn’t live without a peanut butter, banana, pastrami sandwich on rye toast. Okay, that’s really specific – and sounds really disgusting. I’m a story teller – I love the opportunity to share with anyone willing to listen, but I’ll just have to add something (hopefully) less gross to my repertoire.

We’re down to the final count down. 37 weeks tomorrow. According to my doctor it’s more like any day now. We’re getting ready at home – crib built, room painted, clothes washed, and so on and on. Now we wait. 

All of us. Not exactly knowing what to expect, but eager nonetheless.

And despite my lack of cravings I sometimes like to do things a little crazy just for the story anyway. 

Yep, that is (was) a toasted marshmallow, chocolate chip cookie sandwich, and it was delicious. I definitely felt irresponsible putting those together for absolutely no reason, but as you can see by that last frame – that didn’t stop me from devouring it. Those homemade marshmallows are something extraordinary. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I’ll post that recipe soon. But for now I’ll indulge myself in this slow down moment and enjoy something a little crazy, and a lot delicious!

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